Friday, January 18, 2013

No. 110 ***sissy Training - Denial***

OK sissies....time to get back in shape!
No doubt, in my absence, you little fags wanked and wanked and wanked. Probably let your shaving rituals go, your hygiene habits deteriorated....wastes of my previous time! But we can easily fix this tout suite!

First, let's start slowly and take a nice hot scented bath and get shaven all smooth. Then, get into panties and tuck properly. I am considering requiring a chastity device but not yet. Now get settled and watch this video -UNINTERRUPTED - three times in a row. You MUST watch it three times with no distractions. Don't ask why, just do it!

Now get dressed and continue your day. you may not goo. I will be pissed if you do. If you want my help, you need to be serious about becoming the best sissy you can be. you can do it, you NEED to do it. you are a sissy and a fag and I want to help you but you must let me. I WANT you to suck cock and I want you to take a man into your pussy but you NEED to let me help by doing what I say.

As a treat for my sissies, I've decided to let you finger your pussy while you watch the vid but DO NOT touch that clittie! 

Welcome back sissy, I love you.



  1. Thanks for the great video, three times.....

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