Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No. 114 ***sissy Training - sissy Life***

Hi sissies!
I'm adding this post as a 'duhh no kidding' post because I'm SURE you all already do this ...BUT... just in case.....

In your life as a sissy, it is very important to maintain sissy behavior ALL THE TIME. Now that doesn't mean that you need to be in a tutu at the shopping mall - after all, we must be realistic in our lives. But you MUST be mindful of your girlyness all the time everyday always. Even if you're dressed as a male (with panties on I hope!) there are ways to remind yourself, and the perceptive public, that your are just a sissy. Here are some ideas:
  • Be limp wristed. Not necessary to be obvious but let your fingers 'dangle' especially when you talk.
  • ALWAYS cross your legs while sitting and use good posture with shoulders back and chest out. Don't droop EVER.
  • Walk with short steps and try to walk a line everywhere you go. Sway your arms slightly if you feel up to it.
  • Eat lightly and ALWAYS chew with your mouth CLOSED. Small bites, small sips of beverage and NEVER FINISH EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE.
  • Giggle instead of laugh, smile a lot, raise your eyebrows for communication, play with jewelry and/or hair. 
  • Study the girls around you and practice being what they are. The best way to be a girl is to watch and learn from girls -NOT- drag queens, trannys, gays, etc.
This is just a partial list of course. But I want you to, you NEED to, be a better girl. Going back to trying to be a man is silly. you are never going to be a real man so whay not accept it and embrace your girlyness?  Soon I am going to require you to interact with a man. Most of you are not ready yet but you will be. The ultimate sissy step is to kiss a man, let him insert his tongue into your mouth, squeeze your bumm. His rough hands.....whoops, my clittie is now hard.

Giselle is one of my faves - enjoy but NO WANKING TODAY. You may edge by nubbing while tucked but that's it. I am out of town tomorrow and will have a delicious assignment for you Thursday.

I love you sissy!

Monday, January 28, 2013

No. 113 ***sissy Training - Voice practice***

Hi sissies!
Sorry if you missed me over the weekend. The blog was down (for reasons unknown) and it took some identity verification to get it back up again. No worries!

Today's lesson is a fun and simple one. you are to practice using a femmy voice for the entire day. Easy-peasy! Just use a slightly higher pitch all day, not necessarily a falsetto Tiny Tim voice, just a little higher. Here's why.....inevitably, you will end up on your back getting fucked like the girl in the video. When you are moaning, begging your man to fuck you deeper and harder, your voice needs to be in a tenor range at least. Any lower, it just doesn't sound right. This video is the lower end of the range so make sure you are at least this good.

Now the fun part....after watching this video, I want you to think about what type of sissy you want to be. One that looks/acts like a rel girl, one that longs to be a humiliated twink, a dominated maid type....which is it? Then, I want you to think about how you wished to be trained. you can't do it on your own - BELIEVE ME - you must accept the help of someone else. Now close your eyes and nub until gooing and leave it in your panties all day....mmmmm. Maybe someday, with practice, you can be the girl in the pic getting fucked by a real man

Now, I have changed around some of my work details and now have time for 2-3 special sissies for personal training. Think about this....I am not everyone's 'cup of tea' and I will expect a serious commitment if I am to take you on. Send me an email if you think you may need my services. In the email, DON'T blabber on and on with your life story. All I want in it is your contact email address, a sissy picture of you, ONE sentence of what you are in need and a sincere request for help. I will get back to all submissions with my decision.

I love you sissy.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

No. 112 ***Wanking Material - Proper sissy Behavior***

Hi sissies!
Brrrrr....it's so cold here in Connecticut today! I want to just curl up in a bra and panties and wank all day under the covers. But alas, I must carry on with my life.

Today, for your (and my) wanking pleasure, I have found this delicious sissy video of the cutest little girl properly servicing her man. She isn't glamorous or Glam or Dragged-up - just 'girl next door' pretty. Do not forget, when trying to get into character for your man, work with your features and do NOT overdo the makeup, clothes, hair. Many times, 'less is more' and you will be a more convincing girl in an understated look.

Anyway, enjoy this one. You must be tucked in panties and may nub and goo so it drips into your pussy. Work some goo into your pussy and feel free to finger yourself for practice - of course you are always to clean off your fingers with your mouth! Then you must stay in them until it dries (overnight preferably).

I love you sissy!



Monday, January 21, 2013

No 111 ***sissy Training***

Hi sissies!
Hope you're sticking to the program. In a couple of days, I will be launching a new, more sophisticated version of this training. In the meantime, here are your instructions....

Each day, you NEED to dress in at least one article of feminine clothing. No exceptions, this is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Panties, girlie socks, a bra, jewelry, nails painted. One thing is the MINIMUM - it's OK to wear a matching bra/panty set. In fact, I recommend you do just that.

Now, you NEED to nub at least 7 times right up to the edge and stop. Naturally, you will be tucked, all good girls are tucked all the time, right? Watch this video 4 times over the course of the day. Five if you are so inclined but four will do.

Now comes the fun part. you will be allowed to goo but only this way..... I want you sucking on a dildo and/or some other phallus (fingers will do if you must) AND sitting on your other hand with at least 3 fingers in your pussy. you are to grind and ride and generally fuck your hand silly. So how do you goo? Well that's your problem! If you can goo this way then good for you. If not, you had better figure out how. you see, very soon, you will be gooing ONLY from penetration.

Now, I am not a heartless trainer.  you know I am a sissy myself. So if you cannot goo after 15 minutes of GENUINELY grinding, you may nub into your hand and eat it.

I love you sissy, good things are coming!

Friday, January 18, 2013

No. 110 ***sissy Training - Denial***

OK sissies....time to get back in shape!
No doubt, in my absence, you little fags wanked and wanked and wanked. Probably let your shaving rituals go, your hygiene habits deteriorated....wastes of my previous time! But we can easily fix this tout suite!

First, let's start slowly and take a nice hot scented bath and get shaven all smooth. Then, get into panties and tuck properly. I am considering requiring a chastity device but not yet. Now get settled and watch this video -UNINTERRUPTED - three times in a row. You MUST watch it three times with no distractions. Don't ask why, just do it!

Now get dressed and continue your day. you may not goo. I will be pissed if you do. If you want my help, you need to be serious about becoming the best sissy you can be. you can do it, you NEED to do it. you are a sissy and a fag and I want to help you but you must let me. I WANT you to suck cock and I want you to take a man into your pussy but you NEED to let me help by doing what I say.

As a treat for my sissies, I've decided to let you finger your pussy while you watch the vid but DO NOT touch that clittie! 

Welcome back sissy, I love you.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No. 109 *** More sissy Training ***

Hi sissies!
I've been away for a long time and so much (good and bad) has happened to me. I'll explain some of it in a later post....

But for now, we need to get you back into the 'swing' of things so I've posted a little treat for you. This is an xHamster vid that was deleted some time ago...I think it's DELICIOUS. The pic is Ryder Monroe...you will all do well to be as femme and sexy as she is...YUMMM.

you may wank away until you are spent. In fact, feel free to experience orgasm as often and anyway you wish for the next 24 hours.