Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No.105 ***Assignment - The Next Step***

OK...so now you have been following along and hopefully understanding there is WORK to do to be the sissy you are...it's not easy to be a girl, not easy to make up your face, walk in heels, swallow cum (well maybe ths is easy, be chaste, tuck all the time, etc.

By now, you have no excuse to not be ready for this step....it's a big one But NECESSARY for your developement.

you NEED to find a friend.

Now, before you get your panties all twisted up in knots....pay attention. This is easy and scary but you will be fine. I want you to go to http://www.alt.com/ and create an account if you don't already have one. Get some pix up there and take some time to create a good profile. And I want you to ACTIVELY seek a friend with whom you can be your sissy self. It can be a man, woman, other sissy, a TV, a CD - whatever. But you MUST have someone to share this life with to move forward. This does not need to be a sexual relationship although it may turn into one.

you have to TRUST me on this. I WANT you to do it this week. Once you have, send me an invite there to my 'handle' ... jamie_anne ... and reference this blog so I know.

Who knows, maybe your new friend will be me?

Now enjoy the vid of a sissy and hur friend. I lov e you sissy.




  1. This video was soooo yummie! The sissy was absolutely beautiful sucking on the male's cock...and she offered her sweet tush up to him to be taken like a properly trained sissy! I think I envied her as I watched her sucking and fucking! Delish!

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