Thursday, June 7, 2012

No. 106 ***Assignment - Humiliation***

Humiliation is such a difficult topic for many hard to endure - to WILLINGLY be humiliated. But you MUST feel some to understand you are just a sissy, a little girl, a gay...... Humiliation helps you know your place, your role in life. It helps you see why your life is meant to be lived in wonderful frilly clothing, made up like a girl adoring cock.....mmmmmmmmm.

So here is you assignment......a fun one too!
Today, you must WILLINGLY humiliate yourself in a feminine manner. Someone, probably but not necessarily a stranger, needs to see a femmy side of you. AND you must BOTH recognize it was discovered by words or eye contact or physical contact. Here are some suggestions:

- Get caught putting on lip gloss in public
- Bend down to tie a shoe with pink frilly sissy socks on
- Wear bikini panties and show off some panty lines
- Wear a bra or corset under a tee shirt
- Wear a left-handed button blouse
- Get caught staring at a 'bulge'
- Make long unconfortable eye contct with a man

The possibilities are endless....but it's IMPORTANT that you know you got caught, the other person knows they caught you AND the other person knows you know they caught you....

Humiliation is delicious and exharating....enjoy it! -- THEN -- you may watch this fabulous hypno clip and nub until you goo into your panties. And lick it up of course. I love you sissy.