Monday, May 21, 2012

No.100 ***Assignment - sissy in your head***

Wow, 100 posts...well actually more but 100 that had some substance. I have to mention th two girls who made this happen....I wouldn't have done this without their ledership in this field. I have been training sissies on & off for a while but never thought of doing it this way until I found Felicia's blog. You can find it here:


Of course after seeing it...I FELL IN LOVE with Anna Malice. She is the best, most compassionate blogger in the world. Many (Most) of you have no idea how hardthis is and she, Anna, provides you with content all day every day...she is a treasure to us. Please visit her site often. Here it is:

Anna Malice's Blog

One more thing before we get to work.....these girls only ask for comments yo affirm they are reaching their audience. If you like what you're reading - LEAVE A COMMENT - even a crappy one is better than nothing. Show some appreciation darn it! I remember years ago at a strip club with some coworkers being told you need to tip ALL the girls, to show appreciation for what they're doing. Give them a 'tip' by adding a comment.

Now for your assignment today....and I am going to be more rigid and structured this week...we've wasted enough time. I need you to (you NEED to) think about being a sissy every minute of every day. Every step, every movement, you MUST feel your panties tugging on your bottom, the bra strap against your shoulder - you MUST feel the girlyness of your life all the time. In your head, you are a girl. My job is to get you to be that girl out in the world.

Today, I want you to do some very simple but meaningful stuff. First, of course, put on panties and tuck. Also put on a matching bra. You are to wear both all day. If you're afraid of having your bra detected, wear a different shirt/blouse.. Next paint your toenails. They must remain painted all week - no exceptions. Now I want you to douche/enema and get all squeaky clean and insert two golf balls. Leave them in until you go to bed tonight. Tonight, you must sleep in feminine attire. A tee shit and shorts will work as long as they are on the femme side....only you will know if you're cheating - don't you want this sissy??? Don't you NEED this???

If you are still hiding something, you had better think about 'owing up' to it soon. By the end of the week, you will be discovered anyway.

Do NOT even consider touching your clit. And as a measure of your devotion to becoming the sissy you were born to be, you MUST have a chastity cage by the end of the week. I will review a few I like in a later post.

Here's a nice video for you to enjoy while thinking about being the sissy you are. This is femme you almost forget she has an enlarged clit. Yummy! Someday, wth a lot of work, you will be able to do this everyday - for the rest of your little girly life.....mmmm isn't the thought of it wonderful?

I love you sissy, work hard this week!




  1. Thanks for keeping the site runnin'.

  2. im a new sissy in training and i do not think i am nubbing correctly would you be able to put a video or a tutorial on how to do it correctly?