Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No. 89 ***Wanking Material*** Hot Black

I am so sorry to have neglected you little sissies for so long. Two issues caused his. I had a long term assigment causing me to share a corp condo with very limiting firewall. I could not risk being jamie while there. And I got lazy and selfish and only indulged my own sissiness during the period because, afterall, i am just a sissy.......Sorry!

Anyway, here is a sissy treat for you. Every sissy would give their left nipple to be jamie coxx in this vid. I couldn't find a way to embed it so the quality isnot superb. But I'm sure it will get your little clitties hard thinking about this powerful black man...you KNOW you want to be put in your passive place by an Alpha Male...to take him anyway he wants to give it....degraing you a little.....filling you up.....Yum!

Please enjoy this clip and wank all you want today. I declare today a sissy extravaganza...you may do whatever you wish......tomrrow, you are mine again. I love you sissy. you desreve me and i will take better care of you for now.....



1 comment:

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