Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No. 101 ***Training - Girlish Figure***

I should start by saying....you SHOULD be training ALL DAY - EVERY DAY......this blog is only for tips, tricks and fun. If you expect to someday be a genuine faggy little sissy.....it's up to you to make it happen. So do it!

Today, I want you to think about your posture. You must be a student of the female form, the movements, gestures, the walk, sitting, standing. The best way to be a better girl is to copy them. I'm not talking about the 'runway walk' that you silly fags practice WAY TOO MUCH......I'm talking about everyday feminine balance. Watch the video below and see the movements...feel how every part is connected....be fluid...concentrate. A girl does this naturally - you need to WORK. Practice standing as an "S" instead of an "A" shape. Make it part of your day.

Now, because genetic girls have a different center of gravity than you sissy fags, you need to compensate for they natural sway they use while walking. A strong core is necessary to stick out your butt and keep your shoulders back with your chest out.

Watch this Hot Girl walk so naturally:

Can you stand like this naturally?

Does your butt stick out, shoulders back, chest out?

You can do it. I love you sissy.




  1. Thank you Jamie /

    I have noticed I walk better in 3" heels as in the 4" heels.

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