Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No. 88 ***Assignment - Boobs***

Boobs are probably the body part sissies want most. The idea of having nipples pinched and sucked while being fucked is irresistable....filling out a snug dress tha contours your boobs....the way they sway and jiggle with your movements....to me it is #1 on my list. When I have time, I glue on forms so I can go in a tank top or backless dress or a silky teddy....I LOVE the wa they feel.

Anyway....I have been regularly taking Pueraria Mirifica as an estrogen supplement. This herb from Asia performs a lot of feminizing functions including promoting breast tissue growth. I notice a prevalent tingling feeling in my nipples most of the time and there has definitely been growth. I LOVE this idea and I hope it continues to work as it has so far. If you are going to move forward with your changes, you will HAVE to start to develop breasts......it's OK. They are wonderful and you'll be a better sissy with them.

For your assignment, I have two parts - one mental, the other physical.
1.  I want you to really think about your end game. To what end are we/you pursuing the sissy lifestyle? Give serious thought to why you are here and what you are trying to accomplish. Of course, I have trained enough sissies to know what you THINK you want - but are you really willing to go through with REAL physical and mental change? Do you want to look like the girls below? Do you really? Will you be able to put a man's penis in your mouth when the time comes? Will you? Sort this out and email me to discuss how I can help. There are several of you 'in limbo' right now and I will restart our communications now that I have some free time. If you are serious, I can REALLY help you become the girl you are - but you MUST be serious.

2. Now matter if you are sure of your anticipated outcome or not, you MUST continue to train until you have your head sorted out. Girly thought are so important to development as is girly behavior and behavior. Today, and every day this week, you are to tuck and plug for a period of at least 90 minutes. Then you are to edge three times by nubbing and finish with a ruined orgasm. you must eat the goo. Do this everyday through Friday IN ADDITION to other exercises and training. Do it! I love you sissy.




  1. i love having my breasts sucked and pinched

  2. What dosage and how often are you taking the breast growth herb? Have you been taking it for a long or short time. I'd love to have just enough breast to create a little cleavage so that I wouldn't have to wear breast forms.

    1. White pueraria mirifica 350 g capsules, Take 2 twice daily.

  3. I have given some serious thought to your assignment this past week. Ideally, I always knew I was more girly than manly, but I did some serious soul searching, none the less. I've come to realize that I am more of a girl than a man, more of a sissy than a girl. Yes, I do want to look like the girls you show. Yes, I will accept the penis as the object of my desires. And, yes, I am willing to do whatever it takes to change physically and mentally. I look forward to your guidance.

  4. Can't take pm anymore - illegal to import into Norway. Anybody know of a good herbal substitute?