Monday, February 20, 2012

No. 79 ***Training - New sissy GIF***

I am in the middle of creating a Fresh New sissy Hypno File but decided to take a break and quickly create this little GIF for something new tonight. It's a long play with a lot of images and commands randomly thrown in througout. Nothing special - just new and fresh content because I love you!

sissies, you must watch this GIF image for a minimum of 15 minutes then resume your girly day. I will have some specific instructions for you later tonight. Enjoy!




  1. What a wondeful gif. I started to follow your assignments. It is totally fun. But No. 11 huhh, it was no problem to edge 3 times, but to whisper that "i am a gay obedient sissy" huhh... it was totally hard. I don't know if i can finish this assignment.

    xxx martin

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