Saturday, February 18, 2012

No. 72 ***Assignment - Milking***

Sorry I missed out on nearly an entire day yesterday. Had to go out and earn my paycheck - a girl's gotta pay the mortgage and all....... anyway..... this weekend will be fun and I will check back often for emails and comments...... :)

Here's what I want....sissies must masturbate as often as they can this weekend. I expect no less than 6 times between now and Sunday night - but I prefer in excess of 8 times. I don't even care by what method you wank, just do it! Of course, you need to eat ALL the goo and, if you are an especially good girl, you will be full of cock during each orgasm. Once you fall asleep Sunday night, you clitty needs to be SPENT, useless, empty.....abuse it, work hard at this. It's important.

Additionally, I expect you to be in at least one peice of girly attire for the entire weekend. Please don't mess this up. It's critical to your development. A pair of panties, bra, skirt, a girl's tee shirt, panty hose, jewelry, something - 100% of the time. When you shower, I expect you to shave some part of your body..... I realize some of you are still closet sissies but you MUST make an effort. I AM letting you goo, right? So give something back to me, back to yourself and do this properly. How about you shave an armpit for the first time, your legs, or trim your bush to a thin whispy line..... do it. Then think about this all weekend, think about your girly self, what you are and what you are becoming. It's delicious to be a girl.

Here is a nice little sissy video to get you started. I know some of you dream to be owned by a girl with a strap-on but I will cure you of that eventually. If you continue to follow me, you could end up like the two sissies I've pictured, you'd like that right? For now, enjoy. I love you sissy.



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  1. I pledge to be as girly as possible all weekend. I will wear girls clothes at all times and I will shave my body completely. I further pledge to wear makeup, do some degree, for the entire weekend. I will wank with a dildo in my ass. I am so looking forward to this weekend. I just know I'll be a better sissy for it.
    Thanks Jamie.