Thursday, February 16, 2012

No. 70 ***Training - NEW sissy Hypno File***

A little rough around the edges......I used MS Movie Maker just to see how it would come out. I'm committed to making hypno files for all the little sissies who need the help......please bear with me as I get better at it. Our little sissy community needs new content if we are EVER going to be better girls!!!

For now, enjoy! And please comment - both good and bad are welcome (just be polite if you think it sucks) so I can improve as a Trainer of sissies.




  1. This file is totally relaxing, it makes me feel wonderful. Although I could not read all the words. And it makes me a bit horny, giggle. Last night I slept tucked, huhh it was so arousing. Maybe i should clean the house today.
    Thank you for this wonderful blog.

    xxx martin

  2. This may be the most perfect hypno vid. I have ever seen. I just love how it gradually builds up momentum, much like an orgasm. Found myself watching it over and over. Thanks Jamie


  3. Wonderful work!! Longer and longer for us sissy hypno fans. Thank you :)