Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No. 68 ***Wanking Material - Early Domino Presley***

There are just a few girls who REALLY get my little clittie all tingling and this is one of them .... Usually, well almost always, when I watch these vids I envision I am the girl getting royally fucked by the man. This is why I do NOT enjoy vids of guys getting banged by shemales...I mean, c'mon....really? Be the guy and fuck ME for Pete's sake!

I digress.....Domino Presely is one of the girls who I can look at all day long.....I love her and everything she's done and everything she's yet to do. This one is an early vid - 'pre-implants' - which I especially like because her body resemble as much a twink as a girl...mmmmmmmm! Enjoy!



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