Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No. 67 ***Know your Role, sissy***

Notice to all sissies......
This vid is how  a good and proper sissy should act with her man. you are there for HIS pleasure....never confuse yourself over is HIS pleasure from which you will derive yours. Accept your place in life, embrace your role as a server of Man. I love you sissy.




  1. So arousing posts here, thank you Jamie. I love the pantyhose of this girl. And the guy has a really hot ass, giggle. Yesterday I have tasted a bit of my cum, ... blushing deep...
    And I am still thinking about a girly name... that is always in my mind

    Thank you

    xxx martin

  2. This video is great and Jemie you are so right!! That shows exactly how we sissy girfriend worship our man! He's got a big nice cock and she's so devote to his pleasure, she's only focussed on him. Guess she likes him a lot. BTW, love the way she dresses! Really appreciated the bit when she can't get the cock in but she doesn't care about the pain and keeps trying..

    Martin, yesterday I wanked having my legs up and came on my face.. felt such a whore while I was licking up ; )

    xxx Rosemary GUrl

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