Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No. 66 ***Training - The Importance of PINK***

Few of us will ever look as feminine as Ana Mancini without several visits to Dr. Troy (shameless reference to one of my FAVE shows) and a dump truck full of hormones. But....we can FEEL as feminine as she does in our everyday lives.

PINK is the sissiest of colors although even Alpha Males can wear it. It is the one constant in your little girly life yet everyday Men can wear it without issue....we know better. Even the slightest hint of it secretly sends thrills through you. For this reason, you MUST incorporate some pink into each and every single day. Without fail. At the very least, you should have at LEAST one toenail painted pink at all times. If you are still a sheltered little sissy girl, why not go to Staples (or Office Max) and buy a Pink Sharpie Marker and draw a pink heart on your clittie? Then when you sit to go pee pee, you will see it a few times per day. The possibilities are endless....why not comment here and tell the world how you are honoring your girliness with something PINK? Then go get into something a little more girly... :)

Enjoy the film, she's HOT!


1 comment:

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