Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No. 66 ***Assignment - Self Control***

Self control is a subject most sissies FAIL here at the School. It is just too much to ask that they keep from gooing after the slightest arousal. So for today......we will try anexercise in self control. It's a long one so be prepared to spend most of the day at this.

First, why do I even need to say this, you should be in panties and a bra with your face made up. Wig is optional, heels are not. Tucked of course. Sit in a reclined position with a dildo in your mouth and begin to nub your little clittie. Please pay attention are going to edge three separate times then stop entirely. Now....go about doing some girly tasks such as laundry, doing dishes, vacuuming, reading Cosmo or Shape, etc. After 30 minutes of 'busy work', repeat the original exercise. Don't forget, dildos like to be spoken to, treat it the way a cock deserves to be treated. After edging 3 times, proceed with another 30 minutes of 'busy work'. Now the preceeding should be considered 2 'cycles'. I want you to do 3 more cycles. For those of you with emerging mathmatical skills....that's a total of 15 edges a shitload of busy work.

Now, you should be sufficiently horny and your poor little peepee should be in need of some attention. Here's the fun part...... Take your dildo and get it soaking wet with saliva...don't forget to thank it for being such a yummy beautiful cock.... while tucked and reclined, pick your knees up a little and slide your panties off your clit.... now use the wet cock to slide all over your clit, rub it, let it 'hump' have no power over a real cock, it should be a little rough rubbing itself all over your crotch trying to cum.... continue to wet it with your mouth...if you tuck your clit between your thighs and keep your legs tight together, you can have it effectively penetrate you from the front as it stimulates your clit. This is how you will goo today...legs pressed together, little sissy-clit tucked back.....and the REAL cock pushing in and out of your crotch from the front. Of course, once you goo, I expect you to eat all of it. Why not catch some of it on the cock and suck it off? A good little girl would thank the cock for pleasing her.

The clip has a boring start and finish but some HOT fucking in the middle. Enjoy the movie while you do this!



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