Monday, February 13, 2012

No. 62 ***Assignment - Nipple Arousal***

One of my FAVE things to have done is getting my nipples pinched - HARD - as I'm cumming. Even if I am alone, I rarely masturbate without some form of nipple stimulation. A girl needs to learn to appreciate how import of an erogenous zone the nipple can be. With the proper training and exercise, the nipples can create their very own orgasms.

For today's assignment..... you are to be in a bra and panties (tucked of course) with a dildo or butt plug fully inserted. Make sure to pull your panties up tight to keep it in place. The bra should be unpadded (silk or satin is best) and without forms so your nipples are right against the luscious fabric. I want you on your back, feet flat on the floor or bed, knees up. The dildo should almost be in contact with the surface you are lying on.....

Now I want you to rock back and forth on the dildo. Feel the pressure of it trying to push further up your pussy. Work it girl, make it a happy dildo, make it WANT to be buried in your warm wet pussy. Now with both hands, you are to pinch and twist both nipples. Keep rocking while you pinch. Squeeze your little breasts - DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CLIT - imagine they are growing into little buds. Don't worry, you'll be on hormones soon enough. Just squeeze, harder, make it hurt....FEEL them respond to your touch....mmmmmm. Don't stop rocking....feeling full down there is important to the exercise. Rock and pinch and rock and squeeze and rock and twist.....

After 8-10 minutes of this you may nub your clit and goo in your panties while rocking and pinching with the other hand. You must leave the goo for 2 hours so it will get a little old but not dry. You may then suck the goo out of the croch like a good obedient little sissy girl. Enjoy yourself and, in advance, you're welcome. I love you sissy.




  1. A fantastic exercize! It really really works!

  2. I so love this assignment, not like anyone ever had to make me play with my nipples and breasts..

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