Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 2 - Day 2

Week 2
We will be adding supplies as necessary. If you do not have a budget for a few things each week, this will be very hard for you. Unfortunately, becoming the girl you are and STAYING that way has a financial burden that you alone must shoulder. I will always recommend inexpensive things if possible -but- think about your situation and decide for yourself if you have the means to do this.

Day 2
Hi sissy.... feeling a little girlier yet? i hope you are.... i know i am just by trying to help you move along. Today is another easy day, nothing physically strenuous....all mental stuff today (mostly)...!

SO for today, i want you to start to purposely note the appearance of the girls around you. Their hair, makeup, choice of accessories, shoes (duh?) and of course their clothing. Watch how they walk, sit, stand. Watch what they do with their hands while they talk, all the mannerisms they've learned through a lifetime of girlyness. you will need to start to emulate these traits so you should start to focus on them.

you have two assignments today - one for now, one for later. During the course of your day, you are to compliment at least four girls on their appearance. If you come across a girl who obviously spent some time on her makeup, tell her ... "your eyes look pretty today..." If she is dressed beautifully and elegant - "i love your belt, ear rings, nails, etc" Use the word 'love' when doing this - it is harmless and a feminine compliment. "that color looks great on you", "your hair looks pretty today", i love your nails" ... get the idea?
Girls are generally more generous with compliments and the girls around you will see that you have an interest in their appearances.... this may help you find a friend with an interest in your journey (added bonus!) but it will definitely help you get used to appreciating the work girls put into looking nice - something you are starting to do!

Task two - for later when winding down, is equally easy. i want you to write a story to yourself. i want it to include details including how you got started, what you wore, who you met, where you went and how it ended. Take some time and think about this first. This is the story of your 'ideal' day. Maybe you met a boy, maybe you came out to your partner, maybe it is a hookup at an adult book store (oh my!) - whatever it is.... if it ends in a sex scene, write it down, visualize it, it will happen.

your videos today are below. By now you should know the routine - in a row uninterrupted. NO TOUCHING that thing between your legs. We will address that at the end of the week. you may only finger yourself and play with your nipples. if you are able to cum by doing this, i expect you to eat your goo...if not - oh well!

Sleep while listening to Ultimate sissy Princess ... because you are a Beautiful Transsexual Princess

i LOVE you sissy!