Sunday, February 12, 2012

No. 60 ***Assignment - Becoming a girl***

This is soooo exciting....a special treat/assignment tonight!!!! you BETTER have followed my previous instructions - you need a BIG load of goo for this assignment. If you cheated and goo'd earlier, you must wait to do this tomorrow night. Take your time and do this right. This is a step that furthers you down the path. Once complete, if done correctly, you will be a different girl forever.

Setup: you will need a a dildo and time (at least 15 uninterrupted minutes). you MUST be in panties and it helps if your face is fully made up. The more 'enfemme' you are the better. you are to pick some very femmy music....I like Lady Gaga and/or Katy Perry - both are so girly and may only look at pix of cock - a few are provided but fell free to also use your own.

The act: you are to suck on the dildo for at least 5 minutes (you are encouraged to do more). Get it soaking wet. you may play with your pussy but NOT your clit. Talk to the cock, tell it you love it, tell it how big and strong it is..... After 5 minutes elapse, you are to insert it into your pussy. If it needs more lube, you have an unlimited supply in your mouth. For 5 addidional minutes, you are to fuck yourself with the dildo. Continuously add lube with your mouth - you are a dirty little thing so get used to the taste of it as it emerges from your pussy. you will develope a taste for this as you becme the girl you are.....your own 'ass-juice' is tasty....yummmmmm. Make sure you tell it to fuck you harder, deeper, tell it you are it's cunt, it OWNS you.......

The Finale: Once 5 minutes of fucking elapse (you are encouraged to do more), you may jerk your clittie to a climax. -BUT - you must pull out the cock and cum all over it. Hear this....the cum MUST end up on the cock. Then, after the goo is all over the cock, you are to put it between your lips, rub it all over them, get it on your face and finally, suck it all off. Make sure as much as possible gets down your throat where it belongs. Tell the cock you love, it tastes delicious, thank it for the huge load, love it, savor go look at yourself BEFORE you get cleaned up....what do you see?

The conclusion: you have just sucked the cum off a dildo while wearing panties and (hopefully) makeup. you told it you loved it and to fuck you hard and can NEVR look in the mirror and call yourself a man again. you are now, oficially, a sissy girl. Congratulations! I love you sissy!



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