Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No. 47 ***Assignment - The Importance of Pink***

Hi sissies!
One of the most important AND overlooked aspects of a sissy life is the color PINK. As a color, it symbolizes femininity, submissive, soft, docile, cute ... all things a sissy strives to master. As an attitude, it represents total girliness. It is CRITICAL to your development as a sissy and a girl that you EMBRACE this color. From today forward - no matter your situation with life, work, the 'guys', etc., you are to wear at least one pink item every day - all day. If your're a scared little sissy, it's OK. I love you and I wouldn't want to embarrass may wear pink panties, a pink bracelet, pink hosiery, pinl decide. It isn't necessary to flaunt are doing this to remind yourself all day that you are what you are -- a sissy.

If you are feeling especially bold, why not invest in a pinl butt plug for daily use? Maybe a pink cami to be worn under dark colored dress shirts? How about a pink toe ring on one of your little piggies? Oh the possibilities are endless!!!!

I made this little GIF this morning to help you get into the mood of PINK-NESS...tell me if you like it. You need to click the pink panties to activate the GIF.

Remember, this is for you. you NEED this, it's who and what you are. Don't cheat yourself out of what you need to grow. Do this everyday for you! I love you sissy!



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  1. Although i am not a sissy, i totally like the colour pink. I have a pink shirt and i wear it. I never thought that that is something sissy like

    i love your blog

    xxx martin