Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No. 44 ***Assignment - Spanking***

sissies need reminders throuout the day that they are really just on earth to serve and please others. It's OK....you have a place in the world - do it well, be the best sissy you can be.

Today, as a reminder of your place - AND because I KNOW you have cum at least once without permission - you will give yourself some much needed corrective reinforcement. I want you to get on a girlie bra (you better get yourself a few of these if you haven't already) a skimpy pair of panties and a dildo. Tuck your self up nice and tight and get on all your knees with your flat chest on the bed.

With the dildo half in your mouth, you need to give yourself 25 swats on each cheek. HARD ones. I want handprints. If you aren't tearing up by the end, you're only cheating yourself from being who you are. You NEED to feel the pain if sitting down, feel uncomfortable as the waistband of you panties glides across your welts. The dildo must be in your mouth for each swat. NO CUMMING. Don't even touch your tiny little clit today - today is a WORK day. When finished, leave the panties on for at least three hours. For comfort, you may tease your nipples. Tomorrow, they will get a workout. I love you sissy, this is for your own good.



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  1. MMMMM I so love the looks of that red ass...wish it was mine...veronnie2