Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yaaaay! Our FIRST post is finally here!
SOOOO much time and effort are being put into creating The sissy School - I just can't even start to tell you.

This will be THE place for all you little sissies to get proper sissy instruction AND for all the little sissy wannabes to come for a bit of 'wank time' AND for all the sissy admireres to get to see some HOT vids, pix, presets and hypno.

Stay tuned!!!!




  1. starting from the begining so excited

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Had to start over with my schooling.

  3. I'm so happy i found your blog. as of today i start reading it from the and try to catch up asap. i think this is going to help to find my real me. the sissy inside of me. I want already now to thank you jamie for the blog

  4. So like the others I'm going to start at the beginninng and work my way up but I'm going to catalog my assignments with my own blog by recording video, audio, pictures and sharing my own stories and assignments to help build upon this wonderful platform.