Sunday, January 22, 2012

***Whistle While you Work***

Did you tuck last night? Of course you did sissy.....

Sundays are work days for sissies. What a terrific time to clean up the house and get ready for another week of girlie pleasure!

Today, I want you to clean at least two rooms in the house as well as one bathroom. Make them clean as if a realtor was showing the place for sale. In the bathroom, you MUST get on your knees to clean around the toilet. This is a position (around toilets especially) you will be in later on.

Do this with at LEAST two articles of sissy clothing. I'd prefer you to, if you have them and the ability, to be in heels and a corset. If you situation won't allow that, at the very least you should be in panties, hose, bra, girdle, femmy get the picture.

No excuses....DO IT! Then later today I will post a treat for you.



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