Friday, January 20, 2012


Well girlies,
I hope you are all in panties today. If not, go do it right now......hurry, hurry.

While we're here, I have an assignment for you. Unfortunately, many sissies never get to put the head of a man's penis in between their lips and worship it. I know you all WANT to but getting up the courage to do so is just too much. It's OK sissies, there's time to get to that.....for now, though, you need to make sure you are liking the taste od semen more and more.

So...... today's assignment is for you to masturbate into the palm of your hand and lick a little of it. Of course, there are sissies who already eat it all up everytime (like me) and please continue to do so. BUT, if you are a little sissy who is still afraid of tasting cum, today is the day you will lick it off you own hand. It'a OK, you'll get used to it....have a little taste......mmmmmmmm, yum.

From today forward, for EVERY orgasm, you are to taste some. This includes when you may be with your significant other. you can sneak into the bathroom and use your finger to wipe a little of the potion onto your tongue. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Now let's get to it..... here is a pic for you to use to get excited. Just imagine this beautiful thing rubbing across your lips....... yummy!


  1. I swallow all the time. Love the taste of cum. Guess I am well on my way. I am so looking forward to following your lead, to becoming a sissy.

    1. I'll do what I can Michelle....but the girl inside you what counts. :)

  2. Great thing you have going here, im a closet cd and want to keep it that way but your site will help me grow so much in this aspect of my life

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