Sunday, January 22, 2012

No. 9 (again.....) ***Wanking Material***

As is a vid for all my little sissies who've properly followed instructions.... you may watch this video ONLY IF you were tucked last night AND you cleaned up as per previous instructions today.

Now...this video is of a girl named Steffanie who really knows how to treat her man. In several clips, she is a good and obedient sissy....I especially love how happy she looks to see her man while sitting on the kitchen will do sell to use her as a role model. may wank tonight - for as many times as you like. Naturally, I expect you to eat all of the dribble. If the situation is right, I want you to also wank into the front of your panties and sleep in them - TUCKED. It's good for a sissy to feel cum squishing in her crotch while she falls asleep in sissy bliss.....also the sticky dried cum in the morning is a good reminder of your place in life.....

Tomorrow begins your journey into limited pleasure and orgasm control so enjoy your night.... :)


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