Friday, January 27, 2012

No. 18 ***Training - The Walk***

The girlie 'walk' is as difficult to learn as nearly any other girlie mannerism. It takes extreme effort to rid a sissy of the typical manly slouched-long stride-leaning hurry of a walk they naturally possess. So.... for today's are to begin a new sissy walk with these tips in mind.....
1. your knees must stay close to each other, shorten your stride
2. Each step should land in front of the last, walk on a line
3. Try to land on the ball of your foot rather than your heel
4. Lock your knee when putting weight on your step allowing the hip to rise

So....for the lesson today.....I want you to walk for 10 continuous minutes. You can do it anywhere you your basement, at the mall, around the neighborhood....anywhere. BUT, you are to walk as described above. Work at it, use effort, don't cheat your progress. Before you know it, with weeks and weeks of practice, it will start to come naturally.

Tonight, when you are laying down for sleep, you may wank again. It must be while tucked and you may NOT stroke (those days are over). If you do (you don't have to if you are feeling guilt from it), the goo MUST stay in your panties over night.

For your pleasure, here is a picture as encouragement....someday, you too can have a backside like this......BUT only if you work hard and refuse to accept your manly characteristics. I love you , sissy.



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