Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No. 14 ***New Format Tomorrow***

Hi my lovies!
Tomorrow, I will introduce a new format to accommodate more than just the emerging sissies. For now, I have concentrated on trying to develop a routine for future girls while neglecting the voyeur element.

So....I will post a sissy assignment -AND- a post full of eye-candy for everyone else. I just love vids of gurls & gurls, gurls & guys, gurls and girls, gurls & toys, etc.....I guess you do too!

Sissies, orgasm BUT tomorrow will be a treat for you. No edging tonight or nubbing. I only want you to whisper to yourself "....i am a good girl...." at least 96 times. Don't ask why 96, you will understand at a later date. If you are good, and HONEST about your needs and training, you will be treated to a surprise tomorrow.

For your pleasure, a picture of me and my clittie......I love you sissies!



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