Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No. 12 ***Denial Continues***

OK, OK........I get it. Listen sissies......I know some of you are still averse to penises while they are still connected to men. Here's the thing......if you are EVER going to be a good and proper sissy, you will HAVE to serve men. That just the way it is.....it's what your life was intended to be.....you could have been born a real man but you weren't...you are a SISSY. So you must grow into yourself. Last night's post startled a few of you so for tonight I have decided to let you see some cock while attached to some beautiful young Transsexual Goddesses.

Please don't cheat your progress. you MUST think of cock while you edge tonight - 3 times again - and it must be on your back. I'd like you to tuck and nub on your back with your 'other' hand. With your 'good' hand, you must alternately pinch your nipples. Three separate edges -- no cheating!!! Pinch them hard too...test your limits...your nipples are an important sexual area and you must get used to their manipulation. Don't forget to whisper to yourself...."...i am a girl, i am a girl..." the entire time.

Finally, after you have edged three times by nubbing on your back, I have a new exercise for you to try for tonight. No pressure but it will make Me very happy. I want you to explore your pussy tonight. No doubt some of you have already so this will be easy but for your 'virgins'...I want you to lube up a single finger (trim your nail and file any sharpness) and explore your pussy. Feel around inside there, it will feel odd, then good then delicious... NO ORGASM .... this is only an exercise to get you used to being penetrated. A great feeling is to go in from the front and try to gently touch the 'back' of your clit. Be careful, your prostate is there and is a sensitive organ. While doing this, suck on your thumb. 10 minutes should do it. Don't ask why just do it. Later tonight, if I am feeling generous, I will post a good hypno video for you to watch.



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