Sunday, January 29, 2012

N0. 23 ***Assignment - Toy***

OK far it's been fun to give you little assignments to get you into the 'sissy spirit'. Today, ther REAL work begins!!

We are now one week into this blog and I'm please to see over 4000 page views (blush, thank you!) so I KNOW there are little sissies out there paying attention. Here is today's assignment.....

Part 1.
you are to acquire a toy for today. It's OK if it is not an actual dildo or butt plug or vibrator. It is NOT ok to aviod this. Produce will work but not well over a long haul. Today's assignment is to cum with your mouth full of cock. Cumming must be through nubbing while tucked. The orgasm must be a ruined one of course. Once complete, you are to feed yourself cum by 'scooping' it from your panties with the 'cock' and licking it off. Feel the cum on your tongue before swallowing....roll it around....savor it. Scoop all you can then remain in the squishy panties for the remainder of the day.

Part 2.
I want you purchase two dildos (or be sure to own two) that resemble cocks. They should have balls and suctin cups. If one or both 'squirt' that's great. I reccommend buying ones online that will be delivered in a discreet wrapper. Do this asap. I want you to have two realistic cocks with suction cups and balls ASAP....pretty clear? Good. At a later date, we will start to train with penetration - you WILL NEED these soon, don't wait.

For your wanking pleasure, here are a few pix of one of my absolute FAVES...Bailey Jay!

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