Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day - 1

Hi sissies!
OK, today we start with some proper rules to follow as well as the template for The sissy School Program. First some rules....
  1. And I'm embarrassed to have to even say this, you MUST be wearing panties for some portion of every single day. We realize you may be married or a closet sissy but it isn't important. you NEED to FEEL girlie and there is no better way than to feel the tug of a pair of panties on your bumm. So, for at least 60 minutes per day, a pair of panties needs to be worn. Sneak them into the bathroom, into work, wear them under your PJ's....whatever. Just do it! This is not negotiable and you will see why at a later date.
  2. This rule is less complicated, especially during the winter months. Go out and buy a flavored lip balm (ie. Chapstick berry flavor) and wear it all the time. Remind yourself to freshen it regularly. Apply it in front of male coworkers and friends. you NEED to be in the habit of keeping your sissy lips covered in lipstick and this will get you into the habit of applying it.
  3. you MUST prepare for some girlie time each day to watch hypno video, trainers, presets, etc. Everyday, without exception - even if you have to download some mp3 files and listen to them while you workout. This is mandatory.
Of course, there will be a lot more - this is just the start. Several times per week we will be uploading assignments to be followed. Please make sure you are doing your best to complete each one. We are here to help you become the sissy you need to be, that you were born to be. It's hard to do it alone, so many questions and ambiguity. Lean on us to help you. Later, we will gradually get your wardrobe figured out, start on herbal 'enhancers', practice behavior, eliminate the need to masturbate, etc.

For today, NOW...... you are to either get a pair of panties to wear later today for 60 minutes minimum. AND you are to buy a new tube of Chapstick. AND you are to watch the panty video no less than three times. I suggest looping it in full screen for full effect. The video was made possible by Felicia Lightner - her blog is a daily stop for me, great vids and presets especially. She is a wonderful training partner so I encourage you to visit felicia's blog here.

Hurry now, life is short and you are not yet who you need to be.




  1. Jamie,

    What a delicious site you have! I throw myself upon it with vim and vigor starting with your very first post!

  2. head is swimming with panties! i had no idea how intoxicating this could be :)

  3. thats easy i wear panties all of tht time also lipstick

  4. Oooh this such fun, however the video above is broken, the same content can now be found here