Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No. 28 ***Timeless Beauty - Victoria***

She did very few films but they were all delicious. The actress know as Victoria here will go down as one of the sexiest, classiest actors in the industry....enjoy!


No. 27 redone ***Amateur Sissy gets nailed***

OK, here is the attempt from a Linux based system....... On a sidenote, I put this together a while back.... an AMD64 laptop with Linux Ubuntu.... only because I just loved the idea of sticking up my middle finger to Microsoft and Intel. I have to say, although there are some minor compatibility, the computer runs great, fast, good graphics, etc. A fantastic alternative to a Windows based system....email me if you want to know what/where/how/why.....

Now.... on to the more important subject of wanking furiously while viewing a sissy get it by a male lover. I LOVE these two.....such a compliant sissy taking it like a girl :) ... Enjoy... :)



*****Blog Problems*****

Sorry, I am having trouble uploading films from two computers now. I am going to try using my Linux ubuntu laptop and see if that will rectify this challenge. Please bear with me......



Monday, January 30, 2012

No. 27 ***Wanking Material***

In this special clip....Bailey Jay and Domino Presely...two of the HOTTEST girls in the business....certainly two of my FAVES! Please enjoay and don't make a mess!!


sissies, you may watch but no touching! I want you to get on all fours, tucked of course, and hump a pillow or stuffed animal or some other object until you goo. I also want you to pinch your nipples while you hump.....ride it like a cowgirl, feel the sensation of pleasure without using your hands, think of a man between your legs - stradling him and fucking him.....DO IT! you may have a real orgasm but NO TOUCHING AT ALL..... then remain in your squishy panties for at least 3 hours.



No. 26 ***Boobs Trainer - Rated G***

I was just puttering around with one of my presets and decided to make it into a vid file to see if it's any good. Thos who don't know....presets are flash imagease at ver high speed and are great for hypno. Converting them to vids doesn't always work.

Here's my G-Rated "Get Boobs" file. Background music is from the Gogo Bubble file from the Catgirl Series..... Hope you like!



No. 25 ***Wanking Material - Sissy Clips****

This is a fun little clip that is a bit of a trainer but not so much. It contains some great clips! I especially LOVE the opening sissy in pink...made my clittie VERY aroused....

Another thing is i found quite a few of my preset slides in it which gives me a reason to perform the task of creating flash vids of my presets (i also have a yahoo group dedicated to "preset hypno") ...save that for another post.

Here it is...want to say thanks? Send a comment... :)



Sunday, January 29, 2012

No. 24 ***Wanking Material***

Many sissies (I know I do) LOVE the idea of being taken by an assetive Girly Girl. Here is a short clip on this subject.......very sexy for me....hope you like it!



N0. 23 ***Assignment - Toy***

OK sissies.....so far it's been fun to give you little assignments to get you into the 'sissy spirit'. Today, ther REAL work begins!!

We are now one week into this blog and I'm please to see over 4000 page views (blush, thank you!) so I KNOW there are little sissies out there paying attention. Here is today's assignment.....

Part 1.
you are to acquire a toy for today. It's OK if it is not an actual dildo or butt plug or vibrator. It is NOT ok to aviod this. Produce will work but not well over a long haul. Today's assignment is to cum with your mouth full of cock. Cumming must be through nubbing while tucked. The orgasm must be a ruined one of course. Once complete, you are to feed yourself cum by 'scooping' it from your panties with the 'cock' and licking it off. Feel the cum on your tongue before swallowing....roll it around....savor it. Scoop all you can then remain in the squishy panties for the remainder of the day.

Part 2.
I want you purchase two dildos (or be sure to own two) that resemble cocks. They should have balls and suctin cups. If one or both 'squirt' that's great. I reccommend buying ones online that will be delivered in a discreet wrapper. Do this asap. I want you to have two realistic cocks with suction cups and balls ASAP....pretty clear? Good. At a later date, we will start to train with penetration - you WILL NEED these soon, don't wait.

For your wanking pleasure, here are a few pix of one of my absolute FAVES...Bailey Jay!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No. 22 ***Wanking Material - sissy on her back***

Every sissy's dream (at least it's my dream) is to be gently and deeply fucked, on her back, by a loving and powerful Alpha Male....it's what you're born to do, who you were born to be....




No. 21 ***BBC Trainer***

This one has been around a little while but it's a good way to start the day......

sissies, view this for at least 15 minutes and imagine yourself as a girl all day wherever you go. Think, act, talk, walk and FEEL like a girl....it's the only way your inner sissy can flourish!



Friday, January 27, 2012

No. 20 ***Special Treat***

A special treat because I love you.... I don't know this girls name but she is wicked sexy and beautiful! What a terrific POV video of a girl worshipping her man. Enjoy!!!



No. 19 ***Wanking Material***

mmmmmm....this is what a 'slow deep fuck' looks like. This is a short clip but very sensual, loving and sexy....we should all be so lucky as this one!



No. 18 ***Training - The Walk***

The girlie 'walk' is as difficult to learn as nearly any other girlie mannerism. It takes extreme effort to rid a sissy of the typical manly slouched-long stride-leaning hurry of a walk they naturally possess. So.... for today's lesson.....you are to begin a new sissy walk with these tips in mind.....
1. your knees must stay close to each other, shorten your stride
2. Each step should land in front of the last, walk on a line
3. Try to land on the ball of your foot rather than your heel
4. Lock your knee when putting weight on your step allowing the hip to rise

So....for the lesson today.....I want you to walk for 10 continuous minutes. You can do it anywhere you want...in your basement, at the mall, around the neighborhood....anywhere. BUT, you are to walk as described above. Work at it, use effort, don't cheat your progress. Before you know it, with weeks and weeks of practice, it will start to come naturally.

Tonight, when you are laying down for sleep, you may wank again. It must be while tucked and you may NOT stroke (those days are over). If you do (you don't have to if you are feeling guilt from it), the goo MUST stay in your panties over night.

For your pleasure, here is a picture as encouragement....someday, you too can have a backside like this......BUT only if you work hard and refuse to accept your manly characteristics. I love you , sissy.



No. 17 ***felicia lightner***

I am remiss to not mention how important felicia lightner has become to me. Her blog is a FANTASTIC training tool and i use it all the time. Especially if you are into presets, her stuff is GREAT!

Visit her here:

felicia's blog

Thursday, January 26, 2012

No. 16 ***Wanking Material***

This is one of my favorite TV Videos....two beautiful girls sensually kissing...they have you BELIEVE they are lovers...a wonderful video for wanking!! Sissies....you may, after your training is finished, tuck and nub to this vid all the way to a ruined orgasm. After the goo is dribbled into your panties, you are to work some of it into your pussy with a finger. Also, while nubbing, I want you to find something to suck on....a thumb is OK but some other object is better (a thick end of a hairbrush, fresh produce, a toy, etc.)The item must be fully in your mouth when you dribble your goo...DON"T MESS IT UP!!!



No. 15 ***Training***

Hi sissies!
I have a special Treat for you today!

I want you to tuck and edge 5 times by nubbing only. These do not have to be consecutive edges. As long as you bring your clittie right up to the point of orgasm...it counts. NO STOKING!!!

Here is a terrific Hypno Vid I got from xtube... it's not very long so you are to watch it 4 times consecutively... feel it, be it....you ARE a girl....effort is the key ... BE the girl you are...

Later, I will post a Wanking video and, if you are honest and REALLY REALLY REALLY tried your best this week....you may enjoy a ruined orgasm tonight.... say tuned....I love you, sissy!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No. 14 ***New Format Tomorrow***

Hi my lovies!
Tomorrow, I will introduce a new format to accommodate more than just the emerging sissies. For now, I have concentrated on trying to develop a routine for future girls while neglecting the voyeur element.

So....I will post a sissy assignment -AND- a post full of eye-candy for everyone else. I just love vids of gurls & gurls, gurls & guys, gurls and girls, gurls & toys, etc.....I guess you do too!

Sissies, tonight.....no orgasm BUT tomorrow will be a treat for you. No edging tonight or nubbing. I only want you to whisper to yourself "....i am a good girl...." at least 96 times. Don't ask why 96, you will understand at a later date. If you are good, and HONEST about your needs and training, you will be treated to a surprise tomorrow.

For your pleasure, a picture of me and my clittie......I love you sissies!



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No. 13 ***I LOVE Her***

Anna Malice is the best and most innovative blogger on the internet. She is a MUST READ several times per day.

I do it. You should too.

I love Her!

The Blog of Anna Malice

No. 12 ***Denial Continues***

OK, OK........I get it. Listen sissies......I know some of you are still averse to penises while they are still connected to men. Here's the thing......if you are EVER going to be a good and proper sissy, you will HAVE to serve men. That just the way it is.....it's what your life was intended to be.....you could have been born a real man but you weren't...you are a SISSY. So you must grow into yourself. Last night's post startled a few of you so for tonight I have decided to let you see some cock while attached to some beautiful young Transsexual Goddesses.

Please don't cheat your progress. you MUST think of cock while you edge tonight - 3 times again - and it must be on your back. I'd like you to tuck and nub on your back with your 'other' hand. With your 'good' hand, you must alternately pinch your nipples. Three separate edges -- no cheating!!! Pinch them hard too...test your limits...your nipples are an important sexual area and you must get used to their manipulation. Don't forget to whisper to yourself...."...i am a girl, i am a girl..." the entire time.

Finally, after you have edged three times by nubbing on your back, I have a new exercise for you to try for tonight. No pressure but it will make Me very happy. I want you to explore your pussy tonight. No doubt some of you have already so this will be easy but for your 'virgins'...I want you to lube up a single finger (trim your nail and file any sharpness) and explore your pussy. Feel around inside there, it will feel odd, then good then delicious... NO ORGASM .... this is only an exercise to get you used to being penetrated. A great feeling is to go in from the front and try to gently touch the 'back' of your clit. Be careful, your prostate is there and is a sensitive organ. While doing this, suck on your thumb. 10 minutes should do it. Don't ask why just do it. Later tonight, if I am feeling generous, I will post a good hypno video for you to watch.



Monday, January 23, 2012

No. 11 ***Denial Begins (sort of)***

**Want to say thanks? Leave a comment or send me mail**

OK my little loveies......per my previous post re: terminology, tonight starts the orgasm training of your life. This is going to be an ongoing thing so if no new instructions arrive, you MUST continue with the current instruction.

Trust me, it's for your own good.

Now.... you are to get tucked up nice and tight and 'edge' 3 times before bed.  Edging must only be done by 'nubbing' the clittie while tucked. you are not permitted to stroke....do NOT stroke. Right up to an orgasm then stop and calm down....repeat, etc. While doing this, you shall repeatedly whisper to yourself "...i am a gay obedient sissy...."

After the third time, you MUST repeat aloud (in a whisper if you must) "...i am a sissy, sissies like boys, i am a sissy, sissies wear panties..." 84 times (don't ask 84, you'll understand at a later date) you may only look at either gay porn, nked men or pix/vids of boys while nubbing....shemales are NOT acceptable....boys ONLY tonight. Here are a couple pics to help.....


If you mess up and cum (it had BETTER be a ruined orgasm and dribble to you pussy!), you are to leave it wear it is and stay that way until morning. Do your sissy best to NOT cum...we are doing this for you afterall so why cheat your destiny?

Tonight, and every other night until further notice.....you are to be in panties. No negotiating. If you have a sig other then either tell them or wear them under your jammies or whatever. I don't care what you do..... God put me here to make you a sissy and he put you there to become one....so stop whining and DO IT.

I am here for you, don't waste our time together. I love you, sissy!



No. 10 Training Starts Today

First....we need to get some terms defined so I don't have to repeat my self.

Edge: Playing with yourself up to the point of orgasm then stopping. No orgasm takes place.
Ruined Orgasm: Masturbation until the point of orgasm then 'hands off' so the cum dribbles out.
Tucked: Testicles tucked up into their pockets and penis pulled back throu the legs.
Nub/Nubbed: Rubbing a tucked penis to the point of orgasm so the cum drips over the anus.
Hump/Humped: Gyrating the penis against another object (pillow, arm of couch, etc) to orgasm.

Of course there are many more terms but this is where we'll start.
For now, get showered, lotion, buffed, painted, plucked, pantied and tucked (like this sissy)........ and think sissy thoughts all day. Here is a hypno to watch for 15 minutes. I am not addicted to BBC, maybe you are, but I do love the size and power in this clip. Loop it.......


Sunday, January 22, 2012

No. 9 (again.....) ***Wanking Material***

As promised......here is a vid for all my little sissies who've properly followed instructions.... you may watch this video ONLY IF you were tucked last night AND you cleaned up as per previous instructions today.

Now...this video is of a girl named Steffanie who really knows how to treat her man. In several clips, she is a good and obedient sissy....I especially love how happy she looks to see her man while sitting on the kitchen counter.....you will do sell to use her as a role model.

Finally.....you may wank tonight - for as many times as you like. Naturally, I expect you to eat all of the dribble. If the situation is right, I want you to also wank into the front of your panties and sleep in them - TUCKED. It's good for a sissy to feel cum squishing in her crotch while she falls asleep in sissy bliss.....also the sticky dried cum in the morning is a good reminder of your place in life.....

Tomorrow begins your journey into limited pleasure and orgasm control so enjoy your night.... :)


No 8. Training ***a break from the cleaning***

OK sissies....I hope you are getting a little tired from all the cleaning. It's time for a break!

I want all of you to watch this GIF for exactly 15 minutes...you will have to loop it and set a timer. It's short but effective - figure it out please. Then you may have a small lady-like snack of carrots and broccoli....then get back to work.


When you're finished, I have a treat for you so do a good job. Of course, only you will know if you are being a good sissy. So why cheat yourself?


***Whistle While you Work***

Did you tuck last night? Of course you did sissy.....

Sundays are work days for sissies. What a terrific time to clean up the house and get ready for another week of girlie pleasure!

Today, I want you to clean at least two rooms in the house as well as one bathroom. Make them clean as if a realtor was showing the place for sale. In the bathroom, you MUST get on your knees to clean around the toilet. This is a position (around toilets especially) you will be in later on.

Do this with at LEAST two articles of sissy clothing. I'd prefer you to, if you have them and the ability, to be in heels and a corset. If you situation won't allow that, at the very least you should be in panties, hose, bra, girdle, femmy blouse....you get the picture.

No excuses....DO IT! Then later today I will post a treat for you.



Saturday, January 21, 2012


Here's an easy one....and please do it for the next few nights. I want you pretty little sissies to sleep while tucked. you'll understand why at a later date....just do it.

I want you to tuck your testicles up into their pockets, then push that limp little noodle back between your legs and pull your panties (briefs if you must because of a sig other) up tight and sleep this way. Remember to keep your legs close together to stay all nice and pretty. If you feel it slip loose, you MUST fix it while you lay in bed.

No exceptions, do it until further notice - EVERY NIGHT!
Here is what it SHOULD look like (of course Mandy is a TG Super Model so you should not expect to completely compare) all tucked up nice and neat.....


***A Weekend Treat***

Just because I love my little sissies so much...here is a Weekend Treat! Now we know every sissy dreams to be taken by a real man on her back like a proper girl. ... Here is a terrific video of how it should be done... on your back... your man between your legs kissing you deeply... your legs up and wrapped around him... caressing his buns...mmmmm. I can feel it now.....



Friday, January 20, 2012

For tonight's enjoyment and to coincide with today's assignment.... a delicious suck trainer from Allanah Vegas....this one has a special tempo, you should loop it 4 times....it's a good one.

I also want to mention that I have been a follower of Anna Malice and she is instrumental in getting me to where I am today.... I love her (even though we have never met) and I feel her everyday. Go visit her blog HERE.... it's GREAT!




Well girlies,
I hope you are all in panties today. If not, go do it right now......hurry, hurry.

While we're here, I have an assignment for you. Unfortunately, many sissies never get to put the head of a man's penis in between their lips and worship it. I know you all WANT to but getting up the courage to do so is just too much. It's OK sissies, there's time to get to that.....for now, though, you need to make sure you are liking the taste od semen more and more.

So...... today's assignment is for you to masturbate into the palm of your hand and lick a little of it. Of course, there are sissies who already eat it all up everytime (like me) and please continue to do so. BUT, if you are a little sissy who is still afraid of tasting cum, today is the day you will lick it off you own hand. It'a OK, you'll get used to it....have a little taste......mmmmmmmm, yum.

From today forward, for EVERY orgasm, you are to taste some. This includes when you may be with your significant other. you can sneak into the bathroom and use your finger to wipe a little of the potion onto your tongue. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Now let's get to it..... here is a pic for you to use to get excited. Just imagine this beautiful thing rubbing across your lips....... yummy!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day - 1

Hi sissies!
OK, today we start with some proper rules to follow as well as the template for The sissy School Program. First some rules....
  1. And I'm embarrassed to have to even say this, you MUST be wearing panties for some portion of every single day. We realize you may be married or a closet sissy but it isn't important. you NEED to FEEL girlie and there is no better way than to feel the tug of a pair of panties on your bumm. So, for at least 60 minutes per day, a pair of panties needs to be worn. Sneak them into the bathroom, into work, wear them under your PJ's....whatever. Just do it! This is not negotiable and you will see why at a later date.
  2. This rule is less complicated, especially during the winter months. Go out and buy a flavored lip balm (ie. Chapstick berry flavor) and wear it all the time. Remind yourself to freshen it regularly. Apply it in front of male coworkers and friends. you NEED to be in the habit of keeping your sissy lips covered in lipstick and this will get you into the habit of applying it.
  3. you MUST prepare for some girlie time each day to watch hypno video, trainers, presets, etc. Everyday, without exception - even if you have to download some mp3 files and listen to them while you workout. This is mandatory.
Of course, there will be a lot more - this is just the start. Several times per week we will be uploading assignments to be followed. Please make sure you are doing your best to complete each one. We are here to help you become the sissy you need to be, that you were born to be. It's hard to do it alone, so many questions and ambiguity. Lean on us to help you. Later, we will gradually get your wardrobe figured out, start on herbal 'enhancers', practice behavior, eliminate the need to masturbate, etc.

For today, NOW...... you are to either get a pair of panties to wear later today for 60 minutes minimum. AND you are to buy a new tube of Chapstick. AND you are to watch the panty video no less than three times. I suggest looping it in full screen for full effect. The video was made possible by Felicia Lightner - her blog is a daily stop for me, great vids and presets especially. She is a wonderful training partner so I encourage you to visit felicia's blog here.

Hurry now, life is short and you are not yet who you need to be.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yaaaay! Our FIRST post is finally here!
SOOOO much time and effort are being put into creating The sissy School - I just can't even start to tell you.

This will be THE place for all you little sissies to get proper sissy instruction AND for all the little sissy wannabes to come for a bit of 'wank time' AND for all the sissy admireres to get to see some HOT vids, pix, presets and hypno.

Stay tuned!!!!