Sunday, November 26, 2017

No. 213 ***Complete sissy Training Program**

Hi sissies!
OK, so I thought it would be a LOT easier to setup a free website to publish training files.... turns out I am not as lucky as I thought i'd be...! BUT.... I do have another idea that will work, it just needs a little time to developand a lot less luck... :)
So here is what we're going to do for now:
  • we are going to start with an audio hypno
  • then we are going to watch a video hypno
  • then we are going to do something girly all day long
  • finally we are going to fall asleep listening to a loop of girly reinforcement
Every day will be different for a period of four weeks then we will switch to a new regimen for an additional four weeks. After those eight weeks, we will do four weeks of advanced training then finally four weeks of immersion training. Easy-peasy..... 16 weeks (four months) later you WILL be so much more girly you will hardly remember the old (fake) you!

For this to work, you must be willing to do the training everyday. Make it important, because it IS.... you deserve to be who you are and you NEED to be that girl in your head.....LET HER OUT.
When I was a young boy/girl I used to LOVE watching The Partridge Family reruns....I wanted so MUCH to grow up to be Laurie Partridge..... and I had the BIIGGEST crush on Keith (David Cassidy). Well David just passed and his final words to his daughter were "so much wasted time..."
I agree, no more wasting time!
For fun today, I bring you back to one I made a while is simple but WILL be the girl you were meant to be and you WILL do all those dirty little things you dream about. And maybe someday you WILL be the shemale
Let Her Out!

I love you sissy!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

No. 212 - **sissy Training program**

Hi sissies!
Well, i'm back now but I hope it's for a much longer duration than the last time. Thos of you who know me personally know I have gone through quite a bit of personal angst. BUT.... here I am - all for you my little lovies! Finally became gainfully employed again in April after the last gig totally fell apart. I am very happy now and I am spending time with awesome customers in an awesome industry. :)

so, I have been thinking lately, so many of you have NOT experienced the success I have had with hypno files. I have been listening to a loop of Permanent Princess and Ultimate sissy Princess all night, every night for about a month. I can say with 100% certainty, they work. my mind is fucked....and it is delicious!

So why not take it a little further? And why not take it to everyone? Buy how? you ask dear sissy? I will make a free member website of course.
No ads
No memberships
No revenue
No silliness
JUST blissful sissy happiness and training to help you become as girly as you can be. Stay tuned, it will be announced here over the next week or two.

Finally, I joined today. I need it. I am just not the sissy I need to be to be happy. i'll keep you posted about that as it goes. I hope to find a great Master/Mistress to shape me into a full time jamie!

And in celebration, here is one of my newest faves....GOSH I would love to be her doing exactly this!
Enjoy and thanks for sticking with me!

Friday, May 27, 2016

No. 211 - ***sissy Envy - jealousy**

hi sissies!
sorry for my absence, i've been traveling quite a bit lately.

for your pleasure, and feel free to nub all day if you like, here is such a cute little sissy i had to share. i am sooo jealous of this one.

isn't it delicious being a sissy girl? close your are her.... i LOVE it!

i love you sissy


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No. 210 **sissy Role Model - Brittany St. Jordan**

Hi sissies!
Ok.... so if you are an active sissy.... you KNOW there is only a single way to truly get fucked like a girl. And this is it....


i love you sissy



Friday, May 6, 2016

No. 209 **sissy Training-sissy Bimbo Project**

Hi sissies!
OK.... so i know this is not the greatest trainer of all time....let's just get that out there. is such a cute little attempt and the now grown-up Ashley Tisdale is a girl you should aspire to. She is pretty, cute, playful and sexy - everything you are trying to be.

Feel free to watch it over and over and goo as often as you like. eat it, of course...duh!

Also, make sure you have gone on your shopping spree - those items will be necessary for a couple assignments next week!

i love you sissy



Sunday, May 1, 2016

No. 208 **sissy Role Model - Kelly**

Hi sissies!
If you are in need of encouragement....just watch the beautiful Kelly Pierce in action.....
She used to be a sissy just like she is a full-on beautiful shemale princess! i wish i looked like her and dressed like her -BUT- i am also satisfied with who i am and who i am becoming!

i hope you are too, sissy!

i love you, jamie

Saturday, April 30, 2016

No. 207 ** sissy Shopping**

Hi sissies!
ok....two things....first, though, i want you to really get into a 'sissy mode' and watch the video at the bottom of this post. It is ESSENTIAL to creating the mindset necessary to be a good and proper sissy for this task.

now, i don't want you whining like a baby, this is one of those things where you just have to trust me and do it......jamie knows what's best for you sissy, and you need to do this......

first, you need to cobble together a few dollars (or whatever your currency) and see if you can afford these items. the list is short:
a container of liquid foundation - brand doesn't matter (+/- $4)
a box of panty liners (+/-$2)
a small hand held massage device (+/-$15)
a ginger root - medium sized (+/-$3)

now, sweetheart, you don't have to like this and you don't have to agree, you just need to do it. i will explain later what it is for.

second, you need to go to a shoe store, it can be a self-serv store if you are a fraidy-cat - but it will be BETTER if you go to a regular store or the shoe department of a bigger store. now....stay with me need to try on shoes until you know your correct girly size. you may chose androgynous style but they MUST be sized for females..... just do it sweetie.

finally, i know this is long....... listen to Bimbo Blessing on headphones as you fall asleep for thre straight nights.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy! this is for your development sweetheart, you need to be a good and proper sissy and i am here to help but-there is work and sometimes it is not fun. you just need to take the plunge and go deeper. in the end, i assure you, it is worth it to become the beautiful girly sissy you wer meant to be.

i love you sissy!